The Least Resistance

Novel, Samleren, 2009

Emma Dombernovsky, a woman in her thirties, has completely organized her life so as to be able to practise in the best possible way what she calls the minimal hedonism of thinking, i.e. to think without a purpose other than to enjoy the very act of thinking. Emma's husband, JC, goes away for six weeks on a research trip and Emma's beloved grandmother dies, leaving her a summer cottage in a fashionable resort in her will. Here she takes a long holiday, meeting, among others, a surfer and a rich man's daughter passing through, and befriending the local grave digger. She spends her time thinking, skimming stones, considering what to do with her grandmother's ashes and generally allowing herself to be led by circumstance. As autumn approaches, she is pregnant without knowing who the father of the child is.

The book was awarded the EU Literary Prize, 2010

Translation: David Young, © Adda Djørup

Quotes from reviews

"It is a work that lives from a brilliant presentation of a situation; we are witnessing selected instances in the human comedy. Some highly sensual, others unsentimentally invoking recognition, blended with a friendly satire not lacking a certain sting, all of which carried along by a refined sense of humour and a very fine eye for the both touching and foolish progress of the human race on Earth."
Preben Rasmussen,

"Adda Djørup writes far better than practically all the writers who live off the ups and downs of the suspense curve. It is simply a pleasure to be in the company of young Emma ... The style is slightly archaic, old-world, and it all oozes with excess."
Erik Svendsen, Jyllands Posten

“Emma has a vice which she calls 'the minimal hedonism of thinking'. Combined with her formidable ability for observation, this so-called vice becomes the catalyst for some very funny reflections. But these would be nothing if Adda Djørup, in such fine form, didn't allow her archaic use of language to unfold. As Emma's character is also tailor- made to become swaddled in just such a grip of language, one simply cannot wish for more - perfectly moulded!”
Maria Guldager, Litteratursiden

"Adda Djørup writes humorously, intelligently and elegantly."
Mai Misfeldt, Berlingske Tidende

" 'The Least Resistance' is a small, but intense, novel that gives the reader something to think about and get the thoughts flowing. Djørup writes fantastically, solemnly and yet unsnobbishly ... It is a pleasure to see such a new author exhibit such a large and impressive self-assurance. In the structure of the plot as well as her remarkable way of playing with the language. One can only look forward to more from Djørup's pen."
Christine Fur Poulsen, Fyns Stiftstidende