Monsieur's Monologues

Poems, Samleren, 2005

Monsieur is a figure resembling a demiurge, equipped with a good portion of humour and a nagging awareness of his own fictional nature.

Translation: David Young, © Adda Djørup

Quotes from reviews

5 out of 6 stars. Jørgen Johansen, Berlingske Tidende

"What does it mean to be omnipotent? Eternal? Undivided? One? How does it feel to be both the beginning and the end, plus the infinity of what lies in between? ... To find her way into and out of all this, Adda Djørup installs herself quite dauntlessly in Monsieur's brain and identifies with him, or she describes his many different activities ... It is, as you can probably see and hear, amusing and musical ... But it is, as already inferred, simultaneously profoundly serious. An erratic course between emptiness and fullness, between the great nothingness and the diversity of creation. Added to the joy at the diversity, there is also, characteristically enough, a pleasure at the deployment of numerous very different poetic techniques ... Interesting. Not easy to let go of. And above all, funny and intelligent. It is quite a long time since we have seen such a wilfully different, from a literary point of view almost fully mature, début."
Erik Skyum, Information